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Est. 1989

June 30 - July 10, 2018

Land of theMidnight Sun Tour

Owner and Tour Planner, Dean Anderson, has really out done himself with this tour. It exemplifies the beauty of Sweden that is sometimes overlooked by larger tour agencies and those traveling on their own. 

This is what it means to travel Sweden on the back roads.

Tour Overview

DAY 1: 

Saturday, June 30
Included: Dinner on flight 

Depart USA for Stockholm

- Depart from Chicago O’Hare International Airport (or city of your choice with international departure, as available) to Stockholm, Sweden.

DAY 2: 

Sunday, July 1
Included: Breakfast on flight and Dinner

Arrival at Arlanda Airport and Stockholm

- Arrive at Arlanda Airport

Tour Stockholm

- Free time until dinner and overnight in 4 star hotel in Stockholm

DAY 3: 

Monday, July 2
Included: Breakfast and Dinner

Arlanda, Norrtälje, Grisslehamn, and Gävle

- Through the province of Uppland to the market town of Norrtälje

- We continue on to the fishing village of Grisslehamn home to Albert Engström's studio.

- Lunch in Norrtälje (lunch not provided).

- To the city of Gävle in the province of Gästrikland; Gamla Gefle (Old Town Gävle) before dinner and overnight in Gävle.

DAY 4: Tuesday, July 3
Included: Breakfast and Dinner 

Gävle, Bollnäs, Skärså, Hudiksvall, and Sundsvall

- From Gävle we will travel up the east coast to the coastal city of Hudiksvall on the Bothnian Sea.

- Near Söderhamn we will visit Bollnäs, and the fishing village of Skärså.

- At Hudiksvall we will see the best-preserved 19th Century wooden buildings in Sweden at Fiskarstan (Fishermen's Town).

- Lunch and some down time before heading north to the province of Medelpad, the city of Sundsvall, and Alnön Island.

- Dinner and overnight in Sundsvall.

DAY: 5 

Wednesday, July 4
Included: Breakfast and Dinner

Sundsvall, Härnösand, Höga Kusten, Nordingrå, and Örndköldsvik

- Driving further along the coast to Härnösand we will visit Sweden's second largest open-air and historical museum at Murberget.

- North of Härnösand the coast forms the Höga Kusten (High Coast)
- We'll cross some impressive bridges and visit the heart of the Höga Kusten on the Nordingrå Peninsula and its fishing villages. Dinner and overnight in Örnsköldsvik.

DAY: 6

Thursday, July 5
Included: Breakfast and Dinner

Örnsköldsvik, Indalsälven, Ragunda, and Östersund

- We'll enjoy the view from Varvsberget over the archipelago before departing for Östersund through the province of Jämtland.

- On the road in the beautiful Indals River Valley we will visit a Thai pavilion at Ragunda, which was a gift from the King of Siam (now Thailand) who visited King Oskar II in 1897. 

- Dinner and overnight in Östersund.

DAY 7: 

Friday, July 6
Included: Breakfast and Dinner

Östersund, Wilderness Train, and Arvidsjaur

- From Jämtland to the province of Lappland, to Arvidsjaur.

- At Arvidsjaur we will visit the Sami Village (Lappstaden).

- Dinner and overnight in Arvidsjaur.

DAY 8: Saturday, July 7
Included: Breakfast and Dinner

Arvidsjaur, Luleå, Älvsbyn, and Storforsen

- From Arvidsjaur to the province of Norrbotten, the city of Luleå, their old town called Gammelstaden and the church village, as well as the open-air museum called Hägnan.

- We will have some free time to shop while in Luleå. Near Älvsbyn we will visit the impressive waterfall called Storforsen, Europes' largest free waterfall with a drop of 267 feet. We will enjoy the view of Storforsen from our hotel rooms tonight.

- Dinner and overnight at Hotel Storforsen. 

DAY 9: 

Sunday, July 8
Included: Breakfast and Dinner

Storforsen, Jokkmokk, Gällivare/Malmberget, and Kiruna

- This morning after breakfast we continue on and pass over the Arctic Circle where we will receive the "Arctic Circle Certificate".

- In Jokkmokk we will visit the Ajtte Museum, a Swedish mountain and Sami(Lapp) museum.

- "Jokkmokks Tenn" where we will watch the manufacture of different pewter objects of Sami origination, as well as be able to buy factory direct in the factory's outlet shop. We depart Jokkmokk and continue on through Gällivare/Malmberget and to Kiruna for dinner and overnight.

- After dinner in the late evening we will drive up to the top of
Kirunavaara Mountain to experience "The Midnight Sun" phenomenon.

DAY 10:

Monday, July 9

Kiruna- Jukkasjärvi- Kiruna

- In Kiruna, the LKAB Mine

- In Jukkasjärvi, the Sami Handwork Cooperative, and internationally renowned "Ice Hotel".

- The old Sami Church which has the unique altar painting painted by artist Bror Hjort

- At the Sami Village we will see their homes and reindeer.

- Kiruna for dinner and overnight.

DAY 11:

Tuesday, July 10
Included: Breakfast and on-flight Lunch

Departure for U.S.A.

- After an early breakfast at our hotel, we start the journey home.

Sundsvall, Sweden**

In the frozen wonderland of the Far North of Sweden, an ice hotel boasts a dazzling chandelier suspended from the ceiling

Ice Hotel in far North of Sweden***

Price Includes:
Four-Star hotel and
accommodations, extensive tour guides,
land travel, and SO MUCH MORE!!!

Tour Pricing

Single Occupancy: $3349 per person

Double Occupancy: $2749 per person

Triple Occupancy: $2639 per person

International Airfare Not Included

Tour Pricing

Single Occupancy: $3349 per person

Double Occupancy: $2749 per person

Triple Occupancy: $2639 per person

International Airfare Not Included

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