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Anderson Scandinavian Tours


Touring the Back Roads

At Anderson Scandinavian Tours we believe in roads, those well traveled as well as those with less traffic.

Most of the time when you think of taking tours you think of large buses and intercom voices screaming out random facts about locations millions of people go to.

We like to inform our guests, but we are much more personal, much more real- and the roads upon which we travel are sacred.

Our job is to enable people to travel on roads, to visit places they may have never been to before. Some roads take us home- to a home we never knew but always somehow felt existed somehow. There are roads you take that inspire you to be where you are, and if you go any place- you go to yourself.

This is what we do for you when you take a tour with Anderson Scandinavian Tours. We cannot walk the road for you, but we can at least point you along the way.

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