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The Journey Inwards

Dag Hammarskjold, Markings


The longest journey

is the journey inwards;

Of him who has chosen his destiny,

Who has started upon his quest

For the source of his being

(Is there a source?).

He is still with you,

But without relation,

Isolated in your feeling

Like one condemned to death

Or one whom imminent farewell

Prematurely dedicates

To the loneliness which is the final lot of all.

Between you and him is distance,



He will see you withdrawing,

Further and further,

Hear your voices fading,

Fainter and fainter.


When we take a moment to gaze out into the vast abyss of our inner life, our thoughts and feelings, emotions and desires, we come to see that we could walk the world and still not have enough time to dive the depths of the recesses of our thoughts.

What we do at Anderson Scandinavian Tours is meant to guide people along the inward journey, by taking them on outward journeys. The most important non-tangible things have tangible things that resemble them. These things help us to understand what we cannot put our hands on.

I would encourage you to take a look at some of the tour packages we offer and think about how taking a tour of the grandiose and majestic land of Scandinavia could help you along the journey inwards and searching for the Source.

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