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Five Reasons It's Better to Visit Scandinavia with Anderson Tours

Recently I have been thinking a lot about some of the reasons why going with Anderson Tours to Sweden and Scandinavia is better than just booking flights and hotels on your own. While this is going to be quite the promotional blog post, I invite you to keep reading, as this too is from my own personal convictions.

!. Locals. It is always, always, always better to travel places with people who live there. Always. One time I traveled with my Swedish relative through Europe and it was great. Not much mystery here, with Anderson Tours you have locals and people who have been there and know what is what. So you don't have to worry about knowing it. You live where you live, no need to fake it some where else.

2. Food and Lodging. Sometimes it's hard to coordinate with hotels and places to stay in Europe if you are a silly American like me. A lot of them do not speak very good English and have a perception about Americans as spoiled and, honestly, they take advantage of the perception that America is the "richest" country in the world, though America is not.

3. Confirming. Your vacation should be a time to relax and reflect on greater things than agendas and plans. Sit back and let Anderson Tours do the work for you. We have in our tours times especially for you to reflect and relax. If you do it on your own, you don't have time to just do nothing, because there will always be the next place to confirm with. We do your confirming for you.

4. We have done this before. We have been doing this since 1989. That is a lot of tours! We know what to do and what not to do. We take into account the happenings of the world and adjust accordingly. You don't have to worry about making a mistake if you let us do it for you!

5. Dean Anderson is a great man. The owner and coordinator of your tours will do all he can to make sure you have the best vacation possible. Anderson Tours is not a big impersonal business, but a real and honest family company that is dedicated to doing the best for everyone.

Contact us today to set up the perfect tour package for you.

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