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Something Swedish

With the onset of autumn and the changing season it is natural to think of the seasons of our life. Sometimes we wonder about the land of our ancestors. We can read books and watch films, we can even attend events in small Swedish communities around the US like the "Swedish Hyllingsfest" in Lindsborg, Kansas this coming weekend.

There really isn't anything like going there yourself.

We have a great Christmas tour that pretty much hangs around Stockholm. It's a great metropolitan city. Often it's referred to as the "Venice of the North" because of her many lakes. Stockholm is really surrounded by water.

We have two more great tours which take place during the middle of the summer.

The main reason that I think that it is good to go through one of Anderson's Tours is because we have been doing tours for almost 30 years, and we know the corners and pockets of places that are just darling that you might not find yourself with your guidebook and travel website. Perhaps.

But we take care of you. We look forward to taking care of you

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