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Anderson Scandinavian Tours


Spring is Coming!!!

It's almost Spring! Time to go out and play in the grass, jump in the water, and breath deep sweet fresh air.

It's also a great time to plan a trip to Scandinavia.

With seasons changing it is a great time to think about our heritage, and the heritage of those we love.

When we visit the land of our ancestors it is like traveling back in time, and taking the steps of those who went before us.

Dean Anderson is one of the great tour planners and is a very jovial and kind person. He would be happy to help you with your individual tour, or you can book one of his amazing tour packages!

We are working towards a long Super Tour which will be the most awesome tour of Scandinavia known to humanity.

Stay tuned for more of that!

Until then, as the weather warms up, take a few steps outside and take a breath of that air and think about how you could do the same thing in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

Contact us for more information!

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