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Anderson Scandinavian Tours


What's a Midnight Sun?

In Scandinavia there is a thing called the "Midnight Sun." It's pretty much as it sounds, the sun at midnight.

Finally we have a tour highlighting just that- the sun that is at midnight.

We see the land where the sun doesn't sleep, well not for long.

Interact with the people who are used to this. It's a wonderful chance to learn something pretty different.

It's also a great chance to think about what the sun means to you.

I am very solar powered- if the clouds are out more than a couple days in a row I am pretty cranky. Seeing the sun for so long was interesting to me. It was like Mother Nature's Vegas.

When she does sleep, it's pretty bleak, but the darkness has it's mystery as well.

Happy Touring!!! Let us know if you have questions!

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