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A Visit to Dalarna Tour 

July 26, 2018 - July 30, 2019


Tour Itinerary 


Day 1

Thursday, July 26th 

Included: Dinner

Departure from Stockholm, Sweden

NOTICE: Those of you joining the "Visit to Dalarna tour group from the "Scandinavian Highlights Tour" will be picked up at the Clarion Collection Hotel Tapto on Thursday morning for departure to Dalarna.

- Leave Stockholm. This morning after a large Swedish buffet breakfast we depart Stockholm on the first day of our adventure to Dalarna.

- World's Largest Dala Horse. Departing the province of Uppland, we continue on into the province of Dalarna and pay a short visit to the world's largest Dala Horse at Avesta. (Now in the province of Dalarna we begin to see why Dalarna is so famous for its beauty, folk art and traditions).

- Sundborn Village. Our next stop will be in the tiny village of Sundborn where we will visit Carl Larsson's home "Carl Larssongården" at Little Hyttnäs.

- Carl Larsson Mural at Sundborn Church. We will also visit the Sundborn church famous for its mural painted by Carl Larsson, and also for being the eternal resting place for Carl Larsson, his wife Karin and family.

- Carl Larsson Portrait Collection and Lunch. Just beside the church we will have the chance to browse through the Carl Larsson Portrait Collection.

- Lunch. Lunch (not included) in Sundborn.

- Dalarnas Museum. Our next stop will be to visit "Dalarnas Museum" also in Falun, which is a treasure chest of old folk art objects particular to the province of Dalarna.

- Dinner and Overnight. Dinner and overnight in Falun at Hotel Bergmästaren. Free time after dinner.


(Evening entertainment possibilities TBA)

Day 2

Friday, July 27th

Included: Breakfast and Dinner

- Lake Siljan. This morning after breakfast we depart for the Lake Siljan Area of Dalarna 

- Danielsgården and Original Dalecarlian Paintings. On the way we will also stop by the collection of old timber houses called Danielsgården near the village of Bingsjö. See original Dalecarlian paintings in their original locations in the houses themselves

- Tällberg and Home Craft Shops. We continue through the forests and down along the lake shore to Tällberg to visit this quaint village and its home crafts shops. (Tällberg is famous for its traditions, beautifully painted Falu-Red cottages, homes and hotels and view of the lake)

- Leksand's Old Church and Hemslöjd. We continue on down the scenic "old road" to the town of Leksand, we will visit the old church and the collection of log buildings as well as the Leksands Hemslöjd

- Jobs Textile Hand Painting Workshop. After lunch (not included) we will visit Jobs textile hand printing workshop where you can observe the handwork being done still today creating beautiful linens and wall hangings

- Buffil Anna's Restaurant. Coffee Break at the famous Buffil Anna's Restaurant near Siljansnäs.

- Sight-seeing. You may want to walk over the footpath to the outlook tower to enjoy the magnificent view across Lake Siljan.

- Dinner and Overnight. We will return to Falun to overnight at the Clarion Collection Hotel Bergmästaren. Dinner at the hotel.


(Evening entertainment possibilities TBA)

Day 3

Saturday, July 28th

Included: Breakfast and Dinner

- Sjurberg Village. The village of Sjurberg where we will visit the Gudmunds family who carve and paint a variety of Siljan area Dala Horses from the various villages around the lake.

- Nusnäs Village and Mora Dola Horses. Then we ride alongside Lake Siljan to the village of Nusnäs and the Hemslöjds of Nils and Grannas Olsson where we will see the genuine Mora Dala Horses being made.

- Shopping. We will take time to browse in their extensive gift shops before motoring to the nearby town of Mora.

Lunch. Lunch (not included) in Mora.

- Anders Zorn and Zorn Museum. In Mora we will visit the home of Anders Zorn (one of Sweden's most famous painters around the turn of the century) (Zorngården) and the Zorn Museum. 

- One Thousand Year Old Viking Graves. On to the small island of Sollerön to take a look at the "Viking" graves from 1000 years ago.

- A Person and their Church Boats. On this island we will also find the person that today still builds the church boats.

- Shopping. Shopping time in Mora on the walking street.

- Dinner and Overnight. Dinner and overnight again at Clarion Collection Hotel Bergmästaren.


(The famous Classic Car Week is going on in Rättvik this weekend)

Day 4

Sunday, July 29th

Included: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner


(Today will be spent with Mother Nature)

- Rättvik at Enåbron. After breakfast we start with a stop in Rättvik at Enåbron to watch the Folk Costume clad natives climb into the church boats for their short trip to the Rättvik church. We will meet the church boats for picture taking as they arrive at the boat dock.

- Styggforsen Waterfall. We depart Rättvik and visit the waterfall called Styggforsen. Continuing on we make a stop at the church at Skattungbyn to enjoy the wonderful view of the region.

- Fäbod Lunch. We will enjoy an old-fashioned lunch at an old high pasture farm called a "fäbod" outside of Mora (lunch is included)

- Basket and Hair Weaving. After lunch we continue on down the "Backroad" where we will also see hair weaving for jewelry items and Birch Basket Weaving in the village of Våmhus.

- Dinner and Overnight. We return for overnight and dinner at Clarion Collection Hotel Bergmästaren in Falun

Day 5

Monday, July 30th

Included: Breakfast and Lunch

- Back to Stockholm. After experiencing the richness of Lake Siljan area of Dalarna we will depart Tällberg and head back to Stockholm.

- Insjön. In the village of Insjön we will make a stop at Insjöns Väveri (Purveyor to the Royal Swedish Court) for factory direct prices on quality woven goods.

- Stora Tuna Church and Graveside of Jussi Björling. Continuing on to Stockholm, we will take in different countryside on the way back to the capital city. We'll make a stop at the Stora Tuna Church and pay respects at the gravesite of the world's greatest tenor of all time; Jussi Björling.

- Largest Cathedral in Scandinavia. We'll stop at the Largest cathedral in Scandinavia at Uppsala before returning to Stockholm.

- Dinner and Overnight. Dinner and overnight at the Clarion Collection Hotel Tapto.

NOTICE: You also have the option of joining the Visit to Värmland and Västergötland Tour. Please contact us for possibilities




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